Turning Performance Measurement into Results that Count

Rather than having it just sit in a report, how do you leverage performance measurement to make it meaningful and felt?

By Chally Kacelnik

Previously, I’ve written about how to make sure you’re using the right performance measurements in the right way for your organisation. But what comes next?

A lot of organisations sort out their performance measurement for reporting purposes only. They don’t follow through on the implications as to how effectively they’re directing their resource and activities over time. Rather than having it just sit in a report, how do you leverage performance measurement to make it meaningful and felt?

We at LKS Quaero like to help our clients tie performance measurement back to the work being undertaken by individuals and their organisations. Here’s an example of how we’re doing this for leadership programs.

Participants need to demonstrate concrete results back in the workplace as a part of their assessments (which require demonstrable actions at work) and presentations. In addition, we develop a reference group to monitor the results of the program. The steps are as follows:

  1. Participants fill out a detailed pre-program self-assessment
  2. Participants are required to reflect on their pre-program assessment at program conclusion, using the same measures, and must detail their key learnings, achievements, and program feedback
  3. We collate their responses and pass them on to the program reference group
  4. We meet with the reference group and review feedback from participants
  5. Reference group members provide their feedback
  6. We collate all responses for a program report

This process captures the changes participants actually make to the way they lead and work, for themselves and the organisation more widely. We also get feedback that we need to keep strengthening our programs.

If you take away one lesson from this, it should be that performance measurement should feed back into the work and provide a drive to make real change. Moreover, when performance measurement is active and participatory, it’s going to have the most meaning and impact for your organisation.

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