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We designed and facilitated a nationally accredited leadership program for leaders in the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC). Incorporating one-to-one coaching and assessments, participants are supported for the long term with resource booklets and toolkits enabling a consistent and effective approach to leadership.

We deliver our accredited training in partnership with Pegasus, RTO no. 91028.

Here’s what the participants have to say about the impact of our programming on their work and their organisation.

Participant: Ben O’Brien, Work Group Leader

‘Everything from the program was relevant to my role and it was amazing how much the material from the course applied to scenarios at work’


Key results:

  • The program was ‘a game-changer’ for Ben and helped him progress from a supervisory role to a leadership one
  • Ben adopted a centralised database and framework for data recording
  • Greatly improved morale and engagement within Ben’s team
  • Ben’s proudest achievement from the program is the improvement in his communication skills. He now runs safety workshops and maintenance meetings, rather than just participating in them as he had done in the past

Favourite tools from the program:

  • The Systems, Symbols, and Behaviour model: ‘I have used it to update systems that have not been used in years’
  • In-flow model

Participant: Miranda Doughty, Asset Assurance Engineer

‘I received really good support throughout the program and the facilitators were always quick to respond’


Key results:

  • Greater confidence in her leadership capabilities and ability to make decisions
  • More proactive approach to preventing problems, rather than reacting to issues as they arise
  • Miranda is particularly pleased with the improvement in her public speaking skills and confidence

Favourite tools from the program:

  • Problem-solving tools, including the 5 Whys and SWOT models
  • A3 Plan on a Page


  • Substantial financial savings – one participant alone managed to reduce operating costs by $96,042 in the months following the program
  • Substantial productivity increases and contractor use decreases
  • Elimination of high-risk hazards across several processes
  • Increased safety focus – up to 93% for some areas
  • Improved safety culture within teams, with a restart on standards and expectations
  • Lead indicator reports demonstrate performance above KPIs


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