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LKS Quaero has a dedicated team of consultants who are committed to delivering high quality support and outputs for our clients. We pride ourselves in being not merely consultants, but also practitioners who draw on decades of cross-sector experience to help solve seemingly intractable problems.

If you are a specialist consultant based in Australia and are interested in working with a leading management consulting organisation, please email your CV to

Managing Director
Sam helps leaders succeed by connecting people, relationships and systems, and has overseen several transformation programs across the public, private and NFP sectors.
Leadership & Culture
Peter is an experienced organisational leader with demonstrated leadership ability, and a proven track record nurturing constructive cultures of continuous improvement.
Senior Consultant
Chally has worked on organisational and service transformation projects around Australia, from business process re-engineering to strategic planning to service redesign.
Leadership and Culture
Nathan is driven to support leaders to develop the skills essential for meeting today’s challenges and sustaining an effective organisation for the long term.
Financial Analyst
Alan’s extensive experience in local government across city and country Councils has earned him a strong reputation for leading teams and providing robust policy advice.
Financial Analyst
A former senior executive in Commonwealth and State Government policy agencies, Geoff specialises in risk, regulatory regimes and organisational reform.

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