Welcome Maddy Andrews, our New Leadership and Culture Associate

Here's an interview with our new Associate, Maddy!
Maddy Andrews

Maddy sat down with us to tell us a little about what makes her tick.

Welcome Maddy! Tell us about yourself.

I am a leader of change, with a passion for enabling sustainable individual development to create broader impact. I’ve worked across culture, leadership development and change management and believe that it is important we work collectively to integrate these elements with a holistic perspective to achieve ultimate organisational performance, and employee satisfaction.

I live in Tuncurry NSW with my partner and our two dogs (Olive and Maple), and we adore our beautiful town and community.

How did you come to be at LKS Quaero?

I was fortunate enough to participate in a leadership development program that Nathan and Sam facilitated over several months. It was such a challenging and rewarding experience that not only supported my professional capability development but also my personal perspective on how I wanted to progress in my life outside of work. Early in 2024, I finished a contract role and started to think about where I wanted my next step to be, I remembered the impact that LKS had on me, and I wanted to be part of continuing that positive impact for others.   

What interests you about leadership and management?

Leadership is such an intriguing and complex topic, where there are so many different understandings and perspectives on what ‘good leadership’ is, likewise with management. They both play crucial roles in guiding individuals and organisations toward their goals and I am passionate about helping leaders to understand their role in creating environments where they themselves and their people can thrive. The critical step of deeply understanding the dynamics of human behaviour, our motivations, values and beliefs that all contribute to the success (or hinderance) of individual performance and therefore business performance, is just fascinating to me.  

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a dabbling musician, writing, recording, and releasing songs in my spare time.  I was able to travel to Nashville before COVID hit a few years ago and I just loved the feeling of being surrounded by musicians and creativity, I hope to travel there again soon.

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