The 5 Tier Leadership Development Program


This is part of a series on LKS Quaero’s leadership development programs, published in advance of our 2018 Public Program in Newcastle. You can book your ticket for our Leading for Change (Advanced) Diploma program or book your ticket for our Leading for Change (Essentials) Certificate IV program now. Both programs are delivered through our RTO partner, Australian College of Mining RTO No. 110084.

We’ve developed a 5 Tier Leadership Development Program. What are the tiers, how do they work, and how do they connect?

Organisations tend to have several leadership tiers, with different needs, challenges, authorities, and accountabilities. We don’t believe in ignoring these differences recycling generic, inapplicable programming. We believe in meeting people where they’re at and providing practical help and learning. Just like an organisation has several levels, our program is pitched and tailored for different organisational levels.

Each level increases in complexity in terms of understanding an organisation:

  1. Leading in the Frontline (Essentials) is designed to develop more effective frontline leaders by providing some basic training in terms of leadership and expectation-setting
  2. Leading in the Frontline (Advanced) is designed for current and potential frontline leaders believed to have the capacity, capability, and desire to progress to higher organisational levels. It addresses the expectations of a leader and basics of management processes, with the opportunity to gain some accreditation towards a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  3. Leading for Change (Essentials) is geared towards the current middle management group, team leaders, and supervisors, with the opportunity to gain the Certificate IV Leadership and Management. It focuses on driving sustainable improvement, validating skills and utilising targeted interventions to build an engaged and energised team
  4. Leading for Change (Advanced) is most suitable for senior managers and is focused on creating a constructive culture in which team members can work to their full potential. There is the opportunity to gain a Diploma Leadership and Management
  5. Leading Transformation is designed for senior leaders, focusing on whole of organisational transformation and long term business improvement. Participants have the opportunity to gain an Advanced Diploma Leadership and Management

The program goes all the way from picking different units of competency that go towards making up a qualification to an Advanced Diploma. The Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management are all nationally recognised qualifications and there are a number of units that are mandatory for each.

There is flexibility built into the program to tailor it specifically to an organisation’s needs, with electives that we help clients choose to tailor the programs towards specific areas of focus, such as financial aspects of the business or more diagnosing issues with productivity and performance. The program is also flexible in terms of timeframe. It can be intensive and over a long timeframe, focused on making big improvements, through to shorter interventions, still focused on making improvements but over a shorter period.

The programs involve lots of different kinds of learning. Group classroom style learning is undertaken and participants pair off and work in groups. Much of the learning is supported by the participant’s own manager as they implement practical changes to the organisation as an assessable component of the program. This can be supported with one on one coaching.

Crucially, people at different organisational levels, participating in different program tiers, work in parallel. After all, the whole organisation is working towards a common goal. Correspondingly, we equip them to work towards a common way of doing things using a common toolkit. This breaks down silos and establishes relationships between those who may not have had one before.

Our flexible, interconnected 5 Tier Leadership Development Program builds capability at each leadership level, building cross-organisational relationships and practical improvements.

At LKS Quaero, we help organisations with effective leadership and culture programs that stick. Register your interest for our 2018 Public Program in Newcastle. If you’d like to know more, visit us at or follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.