What We’re Reading: How Fair is Your Workplace?


By Chally Kacelnik

The article: How Fair Is Your Workplace? by by Brian Kropp, Jessica Knight, and Jonah Shepp at the Harvard Business Review

What I think: In this article, there are some useful challenges to how fairness at work is often framed. It’s not just about the recruitment process, but about the day to day. When fairness is done well, it’s not about removing one obstacle for one group at a time, but about creating a baseline experience that benefits everyone.

The bits about visibility of remote workers’ work and about technological surveillance brought me up short. If managers don’t understand what remote workers contribute day to day and they feel surveilling workers is a good answer, that says everything about their poor management skills. Companies in which this is normative need to set better expectations for managers to manage, or risk both poor results and alienating workers who can go remotely work for someone else.

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