What Clients Get Out of Our Leadership Development Programs


This is part of a series on LKS Quaero’s leadership development programs, published in advance of our 2018 Public Program in Newcastle. You can book your ticket for our Leading for Change (Advanced) Diploma program or book your ticket for our Leading for Change (Essentials) Certificate IV program now. Both programs are delivered through our RTO partner, Australian College of Mining RTO No. 110084.

What do organisations and individual participants get out of our leadership development programs?

At the start of the program, we ask participants what their expectations are. For many people, expectations are pretty low – they’re just there because their boss has sent them, they’ve done training before, they don’t think they’ll get much out of this. These participants, without exception to date, have a completely different response at the end.

Our programs are unique because we don’t just teach theory and send participants back to the workplace to find their feet. We actually won’t pass or accredit someone unless they’ve made improvements in their area of accountability at work, demonstrated against specific targets that are aligned with the organisation’s business plans. As a result, we’re being inundated with requests from previous clients to come back and run more programs.

In financial terms, one participant in one course alone has saved $1.5M in the first year as a result of better inventory management. Another has made $96,000 in savings through process re-engineering, with processes that now require less use of additional resources (including contractors), increasing the productivity of the internal team without dropping service levels. The program pays for itself a number of times over and senior leaders say that they consider it to be ‘an investment, not a cost’. Participants have commented that they ‘didn’t expect to get the financial savings that I did in such a short period of time’ using the models in which we’ve trained them.

In cultural terms, we help clients to articulate their organisational vision and set performance measures. These are concrete things that can be implemented to help improve performance management and that are crucial for knowing where and how to lead your organisation to where you want it to go in the future. Participants come back to us and say that ‘this program has not just given me skills, it has given me real improvements in my team and the broader organisation’.

We work on developing individuals and equipping them with a way of leading that’s much more deliberate than what they’ve done before. In particular, this has resulted in less disruptive behaviour and people’s performances being managed fairly and properly, using a structured approach to managing both good and bad performance. Of our performance management tools, people say that ‘I wish I’d had this information years ago, it would have made things so much easier’.

The feedback we receive from clients is consistently positive. They tell us that the programs have led to big financial results and that individuals have been developed to deliver results, not just now but over a longer timeframe that sets up long term success. We love hearing from participants in programs and we organise follow up sessions to keep people on track with toolkits we use.

At LKS Quaero, we help organisations with effective leadership and culture programs that stick. Register your interest for our 2018 Public Program in Newcastle. If you’d like to know more, visit us at lksquaero.com or follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.