A Simple Exercise in Positive Feedback

Genuine and specific positive feedback is better than any pizza day.

By Sam Robinson

Genuine and specific positive feedback is better than any pizza day (I do love pizza days though), or merit certificate, or a generic “well done, team”. But rarely do we find time to do it. What am I doing well and why? What do other people value about what I do? Am I appreciated around here? Why? We’re all awkward about asking for it, but we all need positive feedback.

Over the last couple of weeks, we tried something different with one of our clients. We asked each person in the leadership team (about 16 people): “over the last 6 months, what do I appreciate most about [each other person in the team]”. Then we just collated the results and sent it to each person individually.

Ridiculously simple. And it’s really hit a chord – there’s heartfelt and personal positive feedback being exchanged that would have never seen the light of day. It strengthens people and it gives everyone some perspective as well as a big lift for the week.

Makes me think I should recommend this for everyone we work with!

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