What We’re Reading: Lessons for Organisations from the 2021 World Happiness Report

What organisations need to be mindful of as people return to the office.

By Sam Robinson

The article: Work and Well-being during COVID-19: Impact, Inequalities, Resilience, and the Future of Work by Maria Cotofan, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Marta Golin, Micah Kaats, and George Ward at the World Happiness Report

What I think:

There are lots of interesting findings from the World Happiness Report, including the relative increase in happiness of older versus younger people and troubling news about the masses of people leaving the workforce. There are plenty of positive stories about nations that have fared better during the pandemic due to stronger trust in institutions and trust among citizens generally. One thing that is fascinating me is that people with a larger social network pre-pandemic have tended to suffer more during the pandemic – potentially due to the pressure of trying to remain connected to everyone when having to keep a distance and not travel. Organisations need to be mindful of this as people are returning to the office – many of us value our network at work very, very highly and are desperate to feel that human connection again.

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