What We’re Reading: COVID-19: What Makes a Good Leader During a Crisis?

Productive reflection on your own behaviour as a leader is critical.

By Sam Robinson

The article: COVID-19: What Makes a Good Leader During a Crisis? by David Robson at the BBC

What I think:

What makes a good leader during a crisis? If I could sum it up in one word it would be: stability. 

Oh, and a sense of humour. 

And also, being humble (“I don’t know”). Taking accountability (“it was my call”) but not all the credit (“we did it”). 

Being honest is good too (“I struggled to get out of bed this morning”) and bouncing back (“we can learn something from this”). 

Okay, so I couldn’t stop at one word – a crisis pulls at every leader’s abilities – strengthening and deepening some, sometimes weakening others. 

The last one is critical: being able to reflect productively on their own behaviour (“I did well there” and “I definitely could have done better there”) in a way that leads to better behaviour of the leader and everyone they lead. 

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