Welcome to Nathan Farr, LKS Quaero’s New Leadership Specialist

We've got a new face on board. Here's an introductory interview so you can get to know Nathan Farr.

We’ve got a new face on board. Here’s an introductory interview so you can get to know Nathan Farr, leadership and culture specialist.

I am really driven to support leaders in developing these skills.

Tell us about yourself.

I spent the last 17 years within the rail industry, the last 6 as General Manager People at the Australian Rail Track Corporation. I have extensive experience in industrial relations, organisational development, and organisational learning. More recently, I have been involved in organisation transformation programs focusing on delivering safe, customer focussed operations.

Personally, I am keen surfer and spend a lot of time with my wife and three children (my greatest leadership challenge).

How did you come to be at LKS Quaero?

My initial connection was as a client, co-developing leadership programs for delivery within a business. I have seen the value that is created by these programs first hand, and that’s what prompted me to join the team.

What interests you about leadership and management?

I am interested in leadership and management because both are essential for an effective organisation. My primary interest is in leadership and culture. Effective leadership drives the right culture that delivers results. No matter how good or bad it may be, it can always be improved. As such, delivering business value and seeing improvement in this space is very rewarding. It’s a driving force for me.

What are the challenges and opportunities you’ve been seeing for leaders, and how can they best meet them?

The challenges for today’s leaders are significant. With mobility of employment options, many prospective employees make decisions on who they choose to work for by the quality of the leadership within an organisation, which can be very daunting for leaders. Equally, more and more customers have greater choice in the goods and services they procure and how they procure them. This requires organisations to demonstrate adding real value to the consumer: again a significant leadership challenge.

These challenges can be overcome through effective leadership. All leaders, at all levels, can work to develop the skills to address these challenges over time. I am really driven to support leaders in developing these skills.

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