The 3 Ps: Purpose, Purpose, and Purpose

We keep coming back to purpose, because it's critical.

By Chally Kacelnik

We keep coming back to purpose, because it’s critical. Here are three of our greatest hits on purpose from the blog:

Getting Practical Work Done Using Purpose: Two Case Studies – how the Garden Bridge in London and the Ford Ensel fell over.

Purpose is critical. It’s all too easy to assume that you and others are on the same page – or that your own understanding of a purpose won’t shift over time if it isn’t documented. Whether you are addressing the purpose of an organisation, a project, or a task, if purpose is unclear, lots can go wrong.

Adding Context and Purpose for Better Work

If you’ve ever assigned a task only to find that the work that occurs is not what you’ve intended, context and purpose may be the missing factors.

Sharing Context and Purpose at Work

What is it about a crisis that focuses our attention so fully for a short period of time?

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