Introducing LKS Quaero’s new website


At LKS Quaero, we’ve been making changes, and it’s time to represent those changes on our site with a brand new design. Our work is in helping organisations to forge new paths, across both our leadership and transformation practices. While the real joy of our work is supporting our clients to reap the benefits of those changes, we feel that it’s important to show that we ourselves practise what we preach. That’s why we’ve launched a new site that demonstrates how we help foster empowered, value-driven, and purposeful organisations.

With the new design, we’ve maintained features like our blog, so we can keep sharing insights and thought leadership with you. We’ve added more information about the projects we’ve undertaken with clients across the local government, utilities, rail and logistics, and mining sectors. We’ve also added more information about our consulting framework and the services we provide across both our transformation and leadership practices, including our accredited and unaccredited programs, with accredited programs being delivered through our partnership with the Australian College of Mining, RTO no. 110084.

We’re excited to show you more about what we’ve helped our clients to achieve and more about the kind of work we do. Thanks for coming with us as we keep practising what we tell our clients about creating and sustaining effective organisations.

At LKS Quaero, we transform organisations. If you’d like to know more, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.