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LKS Quaero helps leaders in the rail and logistics sector achieve outstanding results in safety practices and financial operations, ensuring practical outcomes are achieved through value-led thinking.

We deliver our accredited training in partnership with Pegasus, RTO no. 91028.


Diploma Leadership and Management Program

We designed and facilitated a nationally accredited leadership program for leaders in the organisation. Incorporating one-to-one coaching and assessments, participants are supported for the long term with resource booklets and toolkits enabling a consistent and effective approach to leadership.

The success of the program was such that ARTC requested the development of a culture and safety performance improvement program, implemented in 2018. This program included two Certificate IV Leadership and Management programs and two Diploma Leadership and Management programs, both programs customised to ARTC’s unique operating environment.

See what the ARTC participants had to say about their experience in our Leadership Turnaround Case Study.


  • Substantial financial savings – one participant’s process redesign alone reduced maintenance downtime at a value of $8M
  • Substantial productivity increases and contractor use decreases
  • Elimination of high-risk hazards across several processes
  • Increased safety focus – up to 93% for some areas
  • Improved safety culture within teams, with a restart on standards and expectations
  • Lead indicator reports demonstrate performance above KPIs