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For organisations to be successful, the right people need to be in the right role, doing the right work in the right environment. Our leadership capability assessment (LCA) process supports robust and effective recruitment and leadership development.

For each individual, the LCA is conducted with a trained facilitator over the phone for a maximum of 2.5 hours using a series of work-specific challenges. Participants respond to each challenge and are assessed for the qualities in the capability framework using consistent, clearly defined ratings and assessor comments against objective criteria.

The LCA is a leadership skills assessment that links back to what your organisation genuinely needs in terms of leadership ability. It’s a specific, practical, and consistent way to understand the leadership capability in your organisation – or among potential candidates for a role – and what you need to work on.

We offer three service tiers to meet your leadership assessment needs:


We develop fresh customised scenarios and a capability framework, based on your operating context and the roles’ capability demands. Alongside a debrief of the resulting report with each participant, we support your organisation with an analysis of the leadership strengths and skills gaps – both for individuals and the leadership group.


For each participant, we conduct the assessment, delivering and debriefing the resulting report with you. This is followed by a coaching session with the participant to identify their development areas against the organisation’s skills matrix.


We conduct the assessment and the resulting report is delivered to the participant or the recruiting organisation, as applicable.

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As a leadership-focused alternative or complementary approach to psychometric assessment and personality assessment, matched to meet your organisational needs, you can’t go past the Leadership Capability Assessment.

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