Experienced organisational direction and strategy consultants.

LKS Quaero is a leading
management consulting
firm focusing on:
/ Organisation design

/ Service transformation
/ Productive systems of work

/ People and behaviour

/ Inspiring leadership
/ Constructive cultures

We work with clients who have the courage to confront the real issues. At the heart of our work is building genuine relationships based on trust and honesty. We are brave, forthright, and tell it like it is. Competing on quality, not price, we care more about quality work than people pleasing. We’re accountable for the output of each engagement and highly responsive to our clients.

We take the time to understand your challenges, not shoehorn them into a predesigned model. LKS Quaero’s experiences tell us that no two organisations are the same and the real job is in identifying and delivering on practical, integrated outcomes for each organisation. We work with your staff and get input from the whole organisation.

As practitioners with real world cross-sector experience, we can draw on decades of hard-won ingenuity to help solve seemingly intractable problems. Most of all, we use that experience to advise and implement, supporting every client through the process.